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Based in South Devon in the heart of Ashburton on Dartmoor

We offer a Wide Range of Treatments.
Established for fourteen years in Ashburton we now have a fabulous team of experienced Professionals who work together to help our local community stay healthy.


We also offer a Complete (virtual) Fertility Program for women who have been diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility.
For more information about this please email Nicola on ashburtonhaveninfo@gmail.com

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  • JD - Events Producer - Brighton

    "From the moment you meet Anna you feel a sense of calm and understanding.
    The treatment is delivered in a relaxed manner – in fact almost every time I go, I fall asleep!
    I always feel much better after the treatment. Would highly recommend."

  • Julie - Stand up comedian/compere - part time carer - Brighton

    "I am so glad I discovered Bowen and Anna! It's like a one stop MOT shop for my body.
    From sorting out my carpal tunnel in one visit, to easing the stiffness from a broken wrist and much more besides. I have recommended Anna to many of my friends, family and colleagues and they have all, without exception, noticed fantastic results. Highly recommended."

  • Sara- Youth Worker- Yoga Teacher - London

    "Bowen for ME/Chronic Fatigue

    Anna is simply amazing. Over the years I have had Bowen treatment from her to help with my recovery from M.E/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines, insomnia and stress.  Bowen has given me effective and lasting relief from these things, as well as a great sense of well-being . I always leave feeling like myself again and am grateful to have found such a talented and skilled practitioner."

  • Lucy – Artist – London

    "I found Anna to be very professional whilst also connecting on a very warm and understanding level. She has a good depth of knowledge of the issues I discussed with her and I felt very confident in her diagnosis. I was amazed at the results of the treatment as I had been dealing with the issues for years and with in just a month I had seen myself change dramatically -  emotionally physically and mentally."

  • CH, General Practitioner

    "Judith’s kind touch was a moment of sunshine in the storm of a major depressive episode.  It switched off the anxiety and gave me respite, allowing me to experience what it was like to be  ‘back to normal’ the next day."

  • James D

    "I saw Rob very regularly in Truro, Cornwall. Thanks to Rob’s expertise, skill and passion for acupuncture, I was rescued many times from terrible sciatic pain. Our loss here in Cornwall is certainly Devon’s gain. A true professional."

  • Rose B

    "I have been a patient of Rob's for about 20 years. He has treated me for various things, both physical and emotional; always with great understanding, kindness, and sympathy. I now count him as a friend who also happens to be an extremely good acupuncturist!"

  • Chris P

    "For over twenty years Rob has been my Acupuncturist. In this I have found him to be knowledgeable, caring, skilled and easy to be with. Well-read and impressively grounded in Chinese medicine, he has been able to explain his treatments in layman's terms; with both feet firmly on the ground! When you find a practitioner with Rob's quality and integrity, they are like a sound life investment that’s well worth hanging on to. Practitioners like this are so rare!"

  • Project Manager

    "Having acupuncture was a really calming experience and felt like a positive thing to do while undergoing fertility treatment."

  • Dawn

    "Having acupuncture has been such a positive thing for me and I would definitely have more in the future. Thank you!"

  • Becky, Intervention Worker

    "I have been having acupuncture with Nicola for several months and find the treatments very beneficial on all levels...

    Nicola has a warm and caring manner...I very much enjoy having acupuncture with Nicola and really look forward to the sessions each month."

  • Margaret

    "I found Nicola most welcoming and put me at ease...I found the Acupuncture treatment effective and profoundly relaxing and would not hesitate to recommend it. I am looking forward to my next appointment."

  • 53 yr old, software engineer

    "Please describe what you came to have Acupuncture for:
    Pain in back and right leg and headaches caused by living with constant pain. Frozen left shoulder due to lost right arm, meaning my left arm over working.

    How did you benefit from treatment?
    Like a wrecked car that has been fixed. Feel I have increased quality of life, happiness and well being.

    How would you describe your overall experience of having Acupuncture with Nicola?
    Although not expecting anything too positive in the beginning, I felt with no other options (have tried other treatments, such as massage and cranial sacral - they were good but not effective for my long term hopes) it was worth trusting Nicola as she is very calm and gives one a sense of empathy and without getting hopes up too much takes you on a journey to a place where your body gains a sense of balance - that had been lost in life before this treatment.

    Did you experience any side effects to Acupuncture treatment?
     without getting too mystical there was the sense of blocks and darker energies being released somehow.


  • Anon

    "I had an Ayurveda Massage with Virginia on Saturday, highly recommend treating yourself!! The Haven has a lovely spa feel. I literally floated away after my treatment and will definitely will be back for more. Thanks Virginia"

  • Nicola Wakefield

    "A lovely relaxing treatment with Julie, friendly, professional and a fabulously gentle and relaxing atmosphere.. Highly recommend a visit for some indulgent "me" time. "

  • Tina, Newton Abbot  

    "'My shoulder pains have disappeared completely!  I was amazed that I could feel Sonja's energy linking with mine, on an emotional level.  This made it a more uplifting and spiritual experience than other massage treatments.' "

  • Rosie

    "'After a massage with Sonja my feet feel the best they have for some years - it's wonderful to find they can feel younger again!'  "

  • Julia March 2022

    "Virginia is an amazing therapist, she takes the time to find out why I am seeking her help. She is very professional and has helped me to reduce pain from an arthritic hip with vasti treatments. She also helped me with long standing sleep difficulties by a 2 hour shirodara session- that was sublime!"

  • Amanda 2020

    "My Ayurvedic consultation with Virginia felt like a chat with an old friend. Her consultation report was thorough and she responded to all of my concerns. It’s really interesting to find different ways of approaching your life and diet!"

  • Doreen March 2021

    "Huge thanks for sorting my lower back and hips out. When we were talking about the psoas muscle it started to ring alarm bells as I was feeling like my back and hips were getting very tight. Presto! Fine today, no pain in my hips or back."

  • Anaar 2022

    "“Virginia is amazingly committed and dedicated to every individual under her care. I attended an ayurveda cleansing retreat organised by her in November 2022.Unusually, she arranged to meet all the participants prior to the retreat and sent questionnaires for us to complete so she knew much about us before the event. Her personal engagement with each of us meant we trusted her. She provided specific treatment and massages for each of us. Her high level of expertise combined with her interest in each person is truly commendable.”"

  • Andrew & Denise June 2021

    "“We are both very pleased with our appointments with Virginia. It has helped us to see our health in a different way. Through a more holistic approach it has made us more aware. Understanding the impact of our diet and life experiences and a tailored programme to help change these gives us new focus and motivation and believe that we can make the positive change we want to see. Many thanks.”"

  • Lynne September 2023

    "I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend both the Ayurvedic approach to wellbeing and Virginia for her considerable insight and experience having contacted her when I was struggling to overcome the aftermath of pneumonia.  Physically and psychologically I felt so out of sorts and that I had 'lost myself'.  We had an online consultation and everything Virginia explained to me finally made sense and I was naturally keen to learn and experience more.  I opted to join her Autumn Cleanse group and since that time I haven't looked back, now feeling 100% healthy, with bags of energy and strangely like the entire pneumonia episode had not happened.  

    I feel I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, with Virginia so supportive and endlessly patient throughout. Adaptations to lifestyle and dietary approach felt like such a minimal price to pay to recover both my health and wellbeing, whilst all the time knowing I was investing my time very wisely.  Even if you are just a little curious then I would absolutely recommend it is worth taking those first tentative steps to discover what a positive difference the Ayurvedic approach can have on your life."

We are here to help you find a holistic solution to your problem.
If you are not sure which treatment is best for you please browse our
"Help me with" pages for recommendations on appropriate therapies for different conditions.
Alternatively please feel free to call any of our practitioners directly to discuss your individual situation.

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