Knee problems can be extremely debilitating and cause stress and discomfort. They are also particularly common amongst hikers, keen dog walkers, and the elderly.

They do however respond particularly well to Complementary Medicine. Acupuncture, Bowen Technique, Massage and Osteopathy all help with knee problems.


“Anna Walker and Bowen Technique was recommended to me by a friend as I had a knee issue. 

After the treatment I felt elated and also the most relaxed I’ve felt since I was a child.

My knee issue, (which had been ongoing for months and was so severe that I was not able to put any weight on it and had to be on crutches), was much improved after the first session and by the third session was completely healed.

I also noticed an overall improvement in my health in general. “




Cara M

I have attended Rob Long's acupuncture clinic for 10 years. He has treated my painful knees, shoulders, thumbs, wrists and neck, as well as 'balancing up' meridians as necessary. I have always felt a whole lot better after each treatment.

Eileen T

'Thank you for your wonderful massage earlier this week, Sonja, it has helped my knee immensely.  Overnight I had aches behind the knee and in the ankle and hip on the right side, so that things have been able to adjust themselves back to where they were.  My leg has much improved.'  

R.N., Plymouth