Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can both significantly help people who have experienced Trauma. Nicola Renovich has extensive experience in Trauma Release work. Trauma can often lead to anxiety and depression, both Nicola Renovich and Rob Long have extensive experience helping people through anxiety and depression using Acupuncture.

Judith Peplow has also helped many people with anxiety and depression using full body Massage.

Judith has also worked helping people recover from Trauma using Healing.

Sonja Tewes has worked extensively with neck and shoulder injuries, such as whiplash, rotator cuff injury and occupational wear and tear in the muscles and joints. She recommends a combination of Therapeutic Masage and Mindfulness One to One, to restore flexibility and balance to the muscular and skeletal systems. Sonja's therapies help the client to let go of stored tension and trauma, including powerful emotions, such as grief and loss. 

Anna Walker uses Mind/Body Bowen, which explores how our emotions can become stored in the physical body as a coping mechanism through times of stress and trauma.  The gentle Bowen moves will focus on certain areas of the body to encourage long stored memory or emotion to come to the surface, to be acknowledged and then released in a safe and healing way. 

Anna also offers Homeopathy, which can be incredibly supportive if we have experienced trauma, whether it be obviously impacting upon our lives or not.  We can also use Homeopathy to support us (with sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, grief) when we are going through a traumatic time. If we find ourselves stuck in this state of trauma, carefully selected remedies can really help us to heal on a deep level so that we can move forward in a more positive light. 


Rob Long was recommended to me nearly twenty years ago. I was at a critical point in my life, with recent past traumas and big challenges ahead, so I needed to be at my best - physically, emotionally, psychologically, even spiritually.

Lynn D

To say that I value Rob’s expertise and intuition would be a gross understatement. Having gone to him for help with late onset labour, he immediately raised a ‘red flag’ that quite possibly saved the life of my daughter. My baby was born via emergency C-section and then spent a week in ICU. Had Rob not picked up that something was wrong I honestly don’t know what might have happened. (Nobody else had). After this traumatic experience I suffered severe itching and blisters all over my body, which were treated unsuccessfully with medication. I also had extreme anxiety. One session with Rob and the blisters and itching subsided, and he somehow switched off my anxiety! Everyone needs Rob Long in their health toolbox.

Lucy C

I began treatment with many long-standing major problems and multitudinous minor ones. Felt completely disconnected and despairing of ever sorting it all. 4 months on, and it's still a work in progress, but feeling 'whole' for the first time in 20 years. Symptoms have consolidated down to only 3 or 4 discrete issues, and I'm now strong enough to be worked on at a deeper level to begin clearing what remains. I thoroughly recommend Acupuncture as a therapy, and Nicola as a Practitioner. She's cool, calm, knowledgeable - and listens. Very professional and well worth the 40 miles I have to travel to see her.

Jay. 55 yr old Administrator for Author

Acupuncture sessions with you Nicola, brought back to me a great sense of well-being following a sad and difficult period in my life just previous to my move to the West Country. This did so much to enable my smooth integration in the life down here. Thank you so much Nicola.

Joyce, Retired.

Please describe what you came to have Acupuncture for:
Pain in back and right leg and headaches caused by living with constant pain. Frozen left shoulder due to lost right arm, meaning my left arm over working.

How did you benefit from treatment?
Like a wrecked car that has been fixed. Feel I have increased quality of life, happiness and well being.

How would you describe your overall experience of having Acupuncture with Nicola?
Although not expecting anything too positive in the beginning, I felt with no other options (have tried other treatments, such as massage and cranial sacral - they were good but not effective for my long term hopes) it was worth trusting Nicola as she is very calm and gives one a sense of empathy and without getting hopes up too much takes you on a journey to a place where your body gains a sense of balance - that had been lost in life before this treatment.

Did you experience any side effects to Acupuncture treatment?
 without getting too mystical there was the sense of blocks and darker energies being released somehow.


53 yr old, software engineer

‘Thank you Sonja for showing me a way to help myself with Mindfulness One-to-One - it's a miracle that I can raise both arms above my head again!’

Bridget, Retired Gardener