The Naturopathic approach to prevention and support treatment of cancer.

The following steps and relevant Complementary Therapies can help on their own or as a support while undergoing conventional treatment

  1. Healthy mental attitude.
  2. NLP and Hypnotherapy can be used by people living with cancer in helping them maintain a healthy mental attitude by using positive imagery and visualisation techniques.
    Hypnotherapy can be used to help people deal with the stress and anxiety associated with cancer. Regular self-hypnosis can be a very useful tool in aiding relaxation and mental wellbeing.
  3. Detoxification and elimination.
  4. Diet-correcting- the acid/alkali ratio and hydration.
  5. Supplementation of vital nutrients, to stimulate and support the immune system
  6. Oxygenation and circulation.
  7. Relaxation.
  8. Identifying underlying emotional conflicts and issues and resolving them.
  9. Meditation and visualisation
  10. Complementary therapies – Massage, and Reflexology both help break down toxins and help us to relax. Reiki and other forms of energy healing help to rebalance and unblock the body energetically and also aid relaxation. Learning Tai Chi or Qi Kung can be an important tool in terms of learning a practice that aids with daily relaxation.
  11. Homoeopathic / Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture help balance our elements and body systems. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy can be especially helpful whilst undergoing radiation or chemotherapy to reduce the side effects of these treatments.
  12. Iscador treatment.
  13. Metabolic therapy using B17 and digestive enzymes.

First of all it is important to understand how cancer develops and proliferates. Then we need to know how to stimulate the production of healthy cells and bring our body and mind to the best state of balance we can, so that we give ourselves the best chance possible of preventing and healing the disease state.

What do we believe about ourselves, do we feel? Do we feel good enough, feel lovable, know and accept ourselves for who we are, have compassion for ourselves? Many of our limiting negative beliefs about ourselves are still unconscious.

This naturopathic approach also requires that we change our way of cooking and eating.

Please see a qualified practitioner who will guide you and help you integrate all these practices that will enable you to obtain optimal health whether following conventional methods or not.

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