Life Tracking and the E-motions

by Jacqueline Lawes

In Lifetracking we refer to e - motion as "energy in motion." If we are able to express our emotions as they arise our energy moves well and we feel vibrant and healthy.

We see this when we watch our children; one minute they are distraught and sobbing and the next they have forgotten all about it and are happily playing again. And we see this happen many times in the course of a day...... their energy is active as they express and move through their emotions.

When we grew up, we were given differing messages (from our families and society) about the validation and expression of our emotions. Most of us learned that some were welcome (usually the positive ones) and some were not (the not so positive - for example rage, grief, jealousy) so we learned to hold them within us, blocking the path of energy and over time blocking ourselves from the lives that we desire.

Lifetracking can help us to let go of the old stuff that's no longer serving us. It does this by tracking using muscle testing to find out where it's stored in the body and how best to release it. By using energy medicine that is light and easy on our system, we can restore energy flow bringing renewed vitality and leaving us free to move forwards.