Neck & Shoulders

Acupuncture, Bowen Technique, Osteopathy and Massage all help with neck and shoulder pain.


I expected to experience an improvement (I hoped relatively quickly) and fortunately this was correct. After my treatments with Nicola (I experienced) increased movement and pain reduction in my shoulder/arm (especially after my first treatment). Also painful wrist has been helped. (I'm) pleased with the improvement and it is also a relaxing experience. I would recommend the treatment to anyone with muscular pain like myself

Pauline (age 66) Treatment for very painful shoulder/arm with ex

Amazing massage from Judith Peplow, my shoulders and neck feel a million times better! Thank you


'My shoulder pains have disappeared completely!  I was amazed that I could feel Sonja's energy linking with mine, on an emotional level.  This made it a more uplifting and spiritual experience than other massage treatments.' 

Tina, Newton Abbot