Practitioners: Julie Adams

Skin Health

Dermalogica Bio-surface Skin Peel.  This is a resurfacing treatment that delivers a polished smooth skin after just one treatment.

Advanced Electrolysis for Minor Skin Blemish Removal including Skin Tags, Blood Spots, Red Veins, Seborrheic Warts, Sun Damage, Keratosis, Moles.  This treatment uses short wave diathermy which cauterises the blood supply to the skin tag or mole, cauterises the blood within the red veins, blood spots, and takes away surface of warts, sun damage and moles leaving the skin to heal over a few weeks within minimal or no scaring.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation Minimising Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Acne, Red Veins, Rosacea, Scar Tissue, Open Pores.  Light wavelengths penetrate deep layers of your skin without damaging the skin surface.  Deeper skin cell pigmentation absorbs the light energy which converts to heat, the heat destroys unwanted pigmentation and other blemishes and stimulates other cells called fibroblasts to produce fresh skin cells and fresh collagen, resulting in smoother, clearer skin after a few short sessions.  6-12 short sessions required for best results.  6-12 sessions required for best result.   IPL skin rejuvenation works on the theory of photo-thermalysis.  The smooth glass surface of the hand piece is placed on your skin and pulses of light are conducted through a gel.  Eyes are protected with goggles throughout the treatment.

Microcurrent Lifting for Toning Muscles in the face and neck Improving Sagging Skin and Muscle Tone for a more youthful look-6-12 sessions quite close together required for best results initially followed by a monthly or six week maintenance facial.  The facial is in three parts.  Deep cleansing with a Galvanic Current which draws out impurities deep in the skin. Followed by Microcurrent to warm, increase blood flow to and lift and tone the muscles in the face and neck.  Finally a current called Iontophoresis which works in an opposite way to galvanic current by pushing products deep in to the skin for a lasting result.  I use Dermalogica products for this treatment which are unique to each client after a free consultation to establish skin type.

Microdermabrasion for a smoother more refined skin tone, helps to fade Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Scar tissue, Stretch Marks.   This treatment is a deep exfoliation that has a polishing affect on the skin using diamond cut or crystals to take away dead skin cells and stimulate your skin, which in turn encourages new skin cell growth, which in turn again produces younger, fresher looking skin.  Great glowing results after just one treatment but best results from a course of three over three months.

Dermalogica Skin Treatments.  Bespoke facial treatments to suit all skin types using Dermalogica Products, Organic, CBD or Aromatherapy Products, combined with Skin Peels, Microdermabrasion and microcurrent or just hands on therapy and products for an effective skin treatment combined with relaxation.  This treatment is offered for 30 or 60 minutes after a free consultation to determined your treatment plan.  It is a fabulous deep cleansing, deep exfoliating treatment, and deeply relaxing facial on its own, as a present for someone, or to enhance your normal skin care regime at home.

Advanced Hair reduction

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Laser Therapy for Permanent Hair Reduction.  This treatment effectively, permanently reduces hair growth after a course of treatments for body and facial hair.  Light wavelengths pass through the outer layers of the skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed and turned to heat which destroys the hair producing papilla (blood supply to the hair root).  This treatment is safe and painless, a little heat is felt during treatment.  It is most affective on coloured hair.

What is involved?

A consultation is needed to establish if this treatment is for you, followed by a treatment plan and patch test.  If there is no reaction to the patch test we can start 48 hours later.  A conductive gel is applied to your skin where the hair reduction is required.   A hand held handpiece is passed over the area which applies a broad-spectrum light to the gel.  The gel is then wiped off and a soothing gel is applied.  Googles and sunglasses are worn during treatment to protect yours and the therapist’s eyes.  6-10 regular monthly- six weekly sessions are usually required to maximise hair reduction. Results of 80-100% hair reduction can be achieved resulting in no need for waxing or shaving.

Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Reduction

The current used is short wave diathermy which is conducted through a small, flexible needle down into the hair follicle and in to the hair root where the hair root is cauterised.  This reduces the blood supply to the hair root and therefore reduces the hair growth.  After a few sessions the hair will stop growing.  Electrolysis is suitable for small areas as some people can find this painful but it is a quick and affective treatment for all hair types including coloured, white and grey hair.

Waxing or Threading for Hair Removal

Quick and efficient service to removal unwanted hair from the body and face leaving skin smooth and hair free for four to six weeks.  Regrowth is finer, softer and slower without stubble or rash you get from shaving.  Loyalty discount given to regular customers as this treatment is needed every four to six weeks ideally to keep hair growth to a minimum

Beauty Therapy and Massage

Tibetan Massage Experience.  This treatment is a unique mix of massage, heat, hot stones, and infused oil applied to the face and body with Tibetan Massage technique creating an awakening of the senses, quietening of the mind and a complete escape from daily life.  An ideal gift for a friend in need or timeout from a busy or stressful lifestyle.

Manicure and Pedicure.  Gel or Original Polish available.  Gel polish is applied like normal polish and then cured under uv light. It lasts for 3 weeks with no chipping, peeling or fading. Put your shoes straight on as soon as your pedicure has finished as the gel sets hard in uv light.  I can do a quick fix file, polish, dry and hard skin removal, cuticle care or a longer treatment by adding relaxing foot soak and massage.

Lashes and brows.  If you are not lucky enough to have naturally bushy brows and long thick lashes, or have difficulty wearing or do not want to wear make-up, then tinting is a quick and effective way to make your eyes look larger without the need for make-up. Tinting is great if you lead an active and busy lifestyle as no need to use eyeliner or mascara. Eyebrows and lashes frame your face and can fade in colour and get unruly as we get older, lashes can fall out and stop naturally curling if too much of the wrong type of mascara is used, if we have irritated eyes, or a medical problem. Eyebrows can by over plucked and rubbed away too and can become patchy.  By enhancing our natural brows and lashes with semi-permanent vegetable colour tints, and natural lash lifting, we can help keep them in good condition and enhance their appearance in a kind and affective way. The tints and lifts usually last 4-6 weeks. The treatment takes 10-30 minutes. A test patch is required 48 hours in advance.

Ear Piercing. Including the studs.  I am happy to piece ear lobes of under 16’s s as long as the parent is present and in agreement.  After care given.

Microblading and semi-permanent colour (coming soon). When brows have gone beyond the use of natural tinting and shaping, microblading is a fantastic alternative to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. A consultation with practitioner will decide which colour is right for you, the pigment is placed just beneath the surface of your skin where your brow is and under your natural brow, much like a tattoo, filling the gaps to enhance the depth and shape. This temporary cosmetic tattooing will last for 3-5 years, gradually breaking down and fading with time.

If you lack colour and shape to your lips and want to enhance them without having dermal fillers; if you regularly pencil in your eyebrows to enhance and fill in the gaps and if want to enhance your eyes and want the effects of eyeliner without the smudging and running under your eye then Semi-permanent make-up is a fantastic treatment which is usually applied to create a natural but more defined look.

The Micropigmentation Procedure

Because our skin continually undergoes a natural exfoliation process, the colour is tattooed on both the surface skin and the skin layer below. A topical aesthetic is applied before and after treatment. Tiny, pigment granules are implanted below the skin.  Typically, clients use a lighter colour and return for additional treatment to darken the colour if needed.

After the procedure, cool ice packs can be applied to reduce discomfort. Sun protection should be used.


Absolutely great experience, friendly professional and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommend. 

Michele Radford