Neurological Problems

Acupuncture, Bowen and Therapeutic Massage, can be very helpful for Neurological Disorders, including M.E, M.S, Sciatica and in cases of Spinal Injuries. Acupuncture, Bowen & Homeopathy can be particularly helpful in cases of Bells Palsy and Stroke Recovery.

Sonja Tewes has used Therapeutic Massage to help clients manage the symptoms of M.S., including numbness and tingling in the legs and arms. 

Regular Bowen can be hugely beneficial in both the physical and emotional rehabilitation process after stroke.  Anna Walker has completed specialist training in working with people who are left with paralysis or severe weakness after having a stroke.

Anna has worked with many people suffering with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using Bowen and Homeopathy.  Both modalities are very helpful in the recovery process, assisting in the management of physical and mental/emotional symptoms along the way.