Transition Living: Back to Natural Health

by Nelly Gauch

What an exciting time to be alive. We are evolving away from an individualistic lifestyle to a more connected sense of reality. Our old way of trying to hide from what we think is separate from us is slowly but surely washing away. What we are left with is an infinite number of fresh new sparkling ideas, to instill our mind with a clearer flow of thoughts. Are we ready to take the plunge?

The Transition Towns initiative has approached the situation brilliantly: Instead of waiting gently and fearfully for the inevitable change induced by peak oil and climate change, it is possible to raise our awareness prior to the event. This way we can better re-act to the situation. It is about building a resilience to face changes with great Joy and creativity.

For Rob Hopkins, environmentalist and co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, it is about “unleashing the collective genius of the community” and “striving to develop a higher standard of living and an environmentally friendly future”. This starts by taking small changes in our perceptions and actions in order to create huge differences. If we can apply these principles to our beloved mother Earth, how about our own vehicle of health: our body?

Ok, so if our body is the vehicle, who is the driver then? Our doctor, our neighbour, our partner, our medication…? For how long are we going to carry on believing that we are not in control of our health? Why do we give so much power to everyone and everything except ourselves?

"Healing" comes from the Old English word "Haelan" meaning "To make whole". The Indian word for "health" is "Svastha", which literally means "being in the state of self". These terms imply that our natural self is whole and healthy.

Radio isotopic studies show that we renew 98% of all our atoms in our body in less than one year. This immense regenerative power makes us a new liver every 6 weeks, a new skeleton every 3 months, a new stomach lining every 5 days, a new skin once a month, and so on… We renew our body in each second of our existence.

Think about it, what happens after falling on the pavement? Our skin is grazed, blood flows out, local temperature increases, and our community of friendly bacteria and immune cells start to repair the tissue. A scab then seals the skin and will fall away naturally a few days later under the influence of the new skin cells. This occurs without us having to think about it at all. It reflects the perfect biological processes that are innate in all of us: Our healing capability through our body’s inner intelligence. We just need to listen and see these natural patterns, to regain the trust that our body is such a perfect organism that responds accordingly to every situation with an exacting precision.

Now, if the body is renewed every year on a cellular level, why do we retain patterns, illnesses and traumas? Which factors are preventing the regeneration? When experiencing stress, anxiety or fear over a period of time, or when faced with events that seem difficult to accept in our life such as a physical, mental or emotional trauma, our energy blueprint stores and locks that information in the form of energy blockages or imbalances.

Illness and chronic pain are encoded in the energy matrix, where the body’s energy goes out of phase, or ‘de-tunes’ itself from a healthy frequency of vibrations, therefore obstructing the healing flow of energy. When these blockages are dispersed and the energy flow is restored, healing is carried throughout the body down to the cellular level. As discussed, the natural instinct of the body is to heal and the healing energy is always present. By removing whatever is preventing us from receiving this energy, our health will naturally improve.

A human is not just a body; it is a composition of physical, emotional, mental and energetic qualities, which are all inter-dependant. An effect on one will have repercussions on another.

Studies show that we think about 60,000 thoughts a day! 95% of which are the same as the day before. So we keep creating the same thought patterns that create the same physical expression. If we look at a deeper level, we can do wonderful things. We can awaken our healing potential because we already have a whole pharmacy of chemicals inside our own body.  As the saying goes, “Educate yourself, don’t medicate yourself”… What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve.

It is our responsibility (response-ability) to create the conditions for our healing, by actually truly wanting to get better, by reclaiming our power and confidence, by engaging our full participation so that the source of our dis-ease is intimately meaningful to us, which in turn will release the trapped energy causing the ailment.

People from all walks of life come to me in widely varying states of health. Bi-Aura Energy Healing facilitates the restoration of your own capacity to be balanced and healthy. This sets the grounding upon which to start an amazing self-transformation. The difference can often be felt from the very first session, along with a clearer and deeper understanding of your condition.

Health is more than the absence of pain or illness; it is a state of balance and harmony within, which brings physical, emotional, mental and energetic well-being. It can be restored through unleashing the collective genius of your body and mind.

Wholeness is a journey… I look forward to meeting you along the way.

With Kindness,