Long Covid

Nicola Renovich, Rob Long, Judith Peplow and Anna Walker all have experience helping people recover from Long Covid using Bowen, HomeopathyAcupuncture, Massage & Healing.


I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend both the Ayurvedic approach to wellbeing and Virginia for her considerable insight and experience having contacted her when I was struggling to overcome the aftermath of pneumonia.  Physically and psychologically I felt so out of sorts and that I had 'lost myself'.  We had an online consultation and everything Virginia explained to me finally made sense and I was naturally keen to learn and experience more.  I opted to join her Autumn Cleanse group and since that time I haven't looked back, now feeling 100% healthy, with bags of energy and strangely like the entire pneumonia episode had not happened.  

I feel I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, with Virginia so supportive and endlessly patient throughout. Adaptations to lifestyle and dietary approach felt like such a minimal price to pay to recover both my health and wellbeing, whilst all the time knowing I was investing my time very wisely.  Even if you are just a little curious then I would absolutely recommend it is worth taking those first tentative steps to discover what a positive difference the Ayurvedic approach can have on your life.

Lynne September 2023