Mindfulness One-to-One

Practitioners: Sonja Tewes

‘A valuable resource for relaxation and self-healing’


Mindfulness One-to-One
A course of Mindfulness One-to-One introduces a range of relaxation and ‘centering’ exercises to unlock pain; unravel the effects of injury and reverse signs of stress (body and mind).

As habitual patterns of tension and strain fall away, there is a greater capacity to experience creativity and joy. This approach is especially beneficial for occupational or repetitive strain.

Mindfulness Practice is an awareness training for body and mind. It is, therefore, a wonderful asset for healers; therapists; teachers;
performers; artists; writers and innovators.

Try a Mini Course of Mindfulness with Sonja Tewes (3 sessions for £155).
The usual format is a course of 3 – 6 individual sessions, 75  minutes each + a free initial consultation.

Mindfulness for Injuries
I have worked extensively with Mindfulness Practice to support injury healing. The benefits of this approach are far-reaching and have proved especially helpful for traumatic injuries to the ribcage and vertebral column; neck; arms; shoulders; ankles; wrists and feet.

The main benefits of this approach are:
• learning to release stored muscle memory
• re-balancing the left and right sides of the body
• belly-centred breathing
• working with breath as energy
• ease of movement
• relief from pain

Mindfulness Practice is not intended as a replacement for the medical treatment of injuries, but as a therapeutic tool to inform and enlighten the individual’s journey of recovery. Indeed, there have been many cases where medical professionals have advised against further surgery, but where clients have found significant improvement under the guidance of this practice.

The usual format is a course of 3 – 6 individual sessions, 75  minutes each + a free initial consultation.

Please contact me if you would like to discover more about Mindfulness Practice and injury healing.

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‘Thank you Sonja for showing me a way to help myself with Mindfulness One-to-One - it's a miracle that I can raise both arms above my head again!’

Bridget, Retired Gardener

‘I felt less in my head and more in my body, with a lovely sense of Just Being.’ 

A.F., College Administrator

‘When you suggested learning some exercises I didn’t think this would be for me. Now, I just don’t want to stop doing them!’

A.T., Shop Manager

'Just to let you know, Sonja, that I really loved the Mindfulness tuition and feel that I have finally learnt to breathe properly!'   

S.M., Dartmoor