Biodynamic Massage

Practitioners: Jenny Allinson

Biodynamic Massage differs from other massages. Whilst it still works with the body, it is also intended to help regulate the nervous system, and can create change on a variety of other levels too (psychological, emotional, spiritual). As a biodynamic massage therapist, I can work either directly on the skin or over light clothing, and use no oil or powder. I use a stethoscope to hear the sounds of your digestive system. These sounds act as a form of biofeedback, giving moment-by-moment information about the effect of the treatment.  I use biodynamic massage therapy across the full spectrum of physical health conditions, from those in good shape seeking enhanced wellbeing, through those with a chronic disease seeking alleviation of symptoms, all the way to those with a terminal diagnosis. Biodynamic massage can also be effective in supporting people with primarily emotional, psychological and social distress. 

Biodynamic Massage can help with the following conditions:

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Migraines

Emotional Imbalances






Pelvic Pain