Ayurveda Yoga & Wellness

Practitioners: Virginia Compton

Ayurvedic Holistic Health Consultation one hour. Initial session and full assessment £54. 
Follow up sessions are £45 per hour, or if 4 or more sessions are booked in advance, £36 per hour. 
This includes a follow up email with dietary recommendations, Yoga and Ayurveda practice information and personalised lifestyle guidelines.

Find balance in your body and mind. In Ayurveda we work with the elements and doshas which indicate your past and present constitutional state as well as your disease tendencies. The aim is to prevent rather than cure but we also work with any presenting health issues that arise.

This is an assessment (one hour), which includes a full holistic health screening and Ayurvedic constitution analysis which will tell me about any imbalance in the bodymind.

I will then recommend specific Ayurvedic bodywork, daily routines, dietary changes, herbs or Yoga practices that may be helpful for you.

Depending upon your focus we then agree a plan for follow up sessions. The Ayurvedic health system tailors everything according to your individual needs.

Ayurvedic bodywork
Full Body Oil Massage | Marma Abhyanga £54 | 60 minutes
A full body oil massage. This is designed to help you relax and let go of any anxieties. Warm oil is gently but firmly massaged into the body to stimulate the marma (energy) points which releases and rebalances energy to promote wellbeing. This massage helps eliminate excess water, fat deposits and toxins to strengthen and rejuvenate your whole body. Good for deep relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, calming the mind, strengthening and rejuvenating internal organs and improving circulation.


Bespoke Ayurvedic Bodywork £75 | 90 minutes
A full body massage treatment tailored for your individual needs, using warm oil and together with a head or face massage plus a focus on any specific areas of concern.

3. Oil Pouring On Forehead | Shirodhara £45 | 45minutes
One of the most powerful Ayurvedic treatments where a continual stream of warm oil is poured rhythmically over the forehead to induce a deep feeling of calm. This blissful therapy quietens the mind, alleviates anxiety and heightens awareness and is particularly effective for insomnia, headaches and stress. It also improves hair condition.

Invigorating Oil Massage With Herb Bundles | Pinda Sweda £54 | 60 minutes
Warm muslin bundles of therapeutic herbs are used with oil to work into the affected areas of the body. This treatment strengthens and rejuvenates joints, reducing pain, stiffness and inflammation and so is especially good for arthritis, muscular pain, sciatica, and chronic back pain. Good for stiff joints and pains, arthritis, inflamed muscles, certain skin conditions, it is calming and anti-inflammatory.

Rose Honey Massage £54 | 60 minutes
Warm honey is mixed with rose water to give an incredibly nourishing and nurturing treatment. Rose is believed to balance the heart and mind, helping with difficult emotions. Honey is incredibly beneficial for agitated and dry skin, being a natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory. This treatment will leave you feeling soothed and nourished like no other. The honey is washed off with warm water to complete the treatment. (A warm bath or shower is advisable when you return home).

Head And Heart £54 | 60 minutes
A soothing treatment for emotional overwhelm and a restless mind. A circular dough dam is placed on the centre of the chest and filled with warm soothing rose infused almond oil. Amongst other benefits, rose is healing for the heart and almond restores our vital energy or ‘Ojas’. This is followed by a shirodhara treatment (warm oil poured over the forehead) to calm the mind. At the end of this treatment you are gifted rose tea to take way. 

Head Neck & Shoulder Massage | Shirobyangha £27 | 30 minutes
A tension relieving seated head, neck and shoulder massage, great for helping with computer strain, migraines and stress. A miraculous cure for stiffness, aches and pains. Sweeping movements across the back are used to promote circulation and restore energy balance throughout the body. 

Holistic Glow Facial | Soundaryam Vardhini £45 | 40 minutes
Using a range of pure Ayurvedic natural products from Tri-Dosha, made from wild-grown medicinal herbs, this is a facial that goes beyond the norm. It starts by cleansing the skin with liberal amounts of Tri-Dosha cleanser. A soft face scrub, formulated with powerful ingredients kutki and fitkari, is applied gently exfoliates dry skin. Next, a face mask of neem and sandalwood is left on to work its magic, while a foot and lower legmassage is provided to ease tired muscles. Following this, an Ayurvedic facial massage is carried out with facial oil to boost energy flow. To finish, a moisturiser is massaged in using circular motions over marma points, leaving your skin fresh and revitalised. Good for: anti-ageing; lymphatic drainage; enhanced radiance with vital (marma) point opening. Suitable for all skin types.

Vasti (Targeted Treatment For Specific Pain And Discomfort)
£50 for one session or 4 sessions £180 (45-60minutes per session)
This is a very beneficial treatment specific for lower back pain, sciatica, herniated and ruptured discs cervical pain, stiff neck, whiplash, migraines, knee pain, upper back discomfort or knee problems. A well made of dough from gram flour, is placed over the problem area and filled with warm oil heated and kept on the site of discomfort for a specific period of time. This helps to soften the rigid, tight and hard tissue which results in circulation and mobility of the affected area as well as easing nerve pain.
Once the dough dam is removed a massage is given to help deepen the overall effect of the treatment. A course of a minimum of four treatments is recommended.
The vasti treatments available are Janu Vasti (knees), Kati Vasti (Lumbar spine), Greeva Vasti (cervical spine) and Prishta Vasti (whole spine). 

Treatment Packages

Complete relaxation and rejuvenation

£108 | 2 hours
Full body oil massage (Abhyanga)
• Shirodhara
• Face massage.
• Complementary digestive tea to rebalance.

Perfectly Pampered £108 | 2 hours
Seated Head neck & shoulder massage (Shirobyangha)
Full body oil massage (Abhyangha)
Holistic glow facial
Complimentary rose tea to give you an inner heart focused glow. 


Thank you Virginia for an amazing Ayurveda hour - a beautifully fluid and flowing massage with warm oil. So grateful, it was magical and made my weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


My Ayurvedic consultation with Virginia felt like a chat with an old friend. Her consultation report was thorough and she responded to all of my concerns. It’s really interesting to find different ways of approaching your life and diet!

Amanda 2020

“We are both very pleased with our appointments with Virginia. It has helped us to see our health in a different way. Through a more holistic approach it has made us more aware. Understanding the impact of our diet and life experiences and a tailored programme to help change these gives us new focus and motivation and believe that we can make the positive change we want to see. Many thanks.”

Andrew & Denise June 2021

I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend both the Ayurvedic approach to wellbeing and Virginia for her considerable insight and experience having contacted her when I was struggling to overcome the aftermath of pneumonia.  Physically and psychologically I felt so out of sorts and that I had 'lost myself'.  We had an online consultation and everything Virginia explained to me finally made sense and I was naturally keen to learn and experience more.  I opted to join her Autumn Cleanse group and since that time I haven't looked back, now feeling 100% healthy, with bags of energy and strangely like the entire pneumonia episode had not happened.  

I feel I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, with Virginia so supportive and endlessly patient throughout. Adaptations to lifestyle and dietary approach felt like such a minimal price to pay to recover both my health and wellbeing, whilst all the time knowing I was investing my time very wisely.  Even if you are just a little curious then I would absolutely recommend it is worth taking those first tentative steps to discover what a positive difference the Ayurvedic approach can have on your life.

Lynne September 2023

“Virginia is amazingly committed and dedicated to every individual under her care. I attended an ayurveda cleansing retreat organised by her in November 2022.Unusually, she arranged to meet all the participants prior to the retreat and sent questionnaires for us to complete so she knew much about us before the event. Her personal engagement with each of us meant we trusted her. She provided specific treatment and massages for each of us. Her high level of expertise combined with her interest in each person is truly commendable.”

Anaar 2022